The very exciting part of my work is to be exposed to the fascinating world of gemstones. To learn about their qualities and unique beauties, their meaning and magic...
Most gemstones form naturally within the Earth, grown as a result of geological changes over millennia, Pearls are an organic gems produced by mollusks and there are the native elements such as gold...
These are truly Nature’s jewels.
A big part of my inspiration when designing comes from the materials i use.
Get to know the stones adorning our treasures.
"Chosen with what the Heart desires"



Category : Organic gemstones

Colour : Lustrous rainbow like, play of colour, moon glow...

Interesting Fact : It's called Mother of Pearl because the nacre-lined shells are the belly in which pearls are born

Found : In the lining of many mollusks

Birthstone of : June

Power : Energy from the ocean, soothing 

ST 💗 : Mother of Pearl carries an aura of mystery and elegance, with a dash of whimsical appeal.

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Category : Mineraloid

Colour : Candy pink 

Interesting Fact : It is believed that the Pink Opals are the blessing drops of the Gods

Found : Peru & Central America

Birthstone of : October

Power : Healing matters of the heart

ST 💗 : Pinko as I like to call it brings a dreamy loving feel to our pieces

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Category : Metamorphic rock

Colour : Celestial blue with golden flakes of pyrite

 Interesting Fact : Michelangelo used Lapis Lazuli powder for the blue colours in his frescoes for the Sistine Chapel

Found : Afghanistan & Chile

Mystical Birthstone of : December

Power : Encourages self-awareness

ST 💗 : Exquisitely blue with golden Pyrite flakes, a reminder of a starry night

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Category : Oxide Mineral

Colour : Mystical deep black 

Interesting Fact : In greek Onyx translate to "claw" or "fingernails"

Found : Brazil, India & California

Mystical Birthstone of : December

Power : Absorb negative thoughts

ST 💗 : The magic of this black gem adding mystery to the pieces

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Category : Phosphate mineral

Colour : Shades of blue and green, with flacks of pyrite and brown veins 'aka' matrix

Interesting Fact : In ancient Persian Empires, Turquoise was worn to protect from harm's way.

Found : Iran 

Mystical Birthstone of : December

Power : Powerful physical healing 

ST 💗 : It was love at first sight, can't explain!

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Category : Native mineral

Colour : Flawless & fancy colours

Interesting Fact : The hardest natural material known to Man, most diamonds are primeval, over a billion years old, and form deep within the Earth. It's also the only gem composed of one single element: carbon

Found : Deep in the Earth’s mantle

Birthstone of : April

Power : Strength and purity of love 

ST 💗 : The dazzle, the strength, the perfect gem to embellish our pieces!

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Category : Silicate mineral

Colour : Blood and fire red 

Interesting Fact : Thousands of years ago, Red Garnet necklaces adorned the necks of Egypt’s pharaohs, and were entombed with their mummified corpses as prized possessions for the afterlife.

Found : African continent, Sri lanka & Brazil

Birthstone of : January

Power : Instil greater self-confidence

ST 💗 : Simply this vivid red

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 Category : Oxide mineral

Colour : Every colour of the rainbow

Interesting Fact : The most famous royal sapphire today is the engagement ring given by England’s Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, and now worn by Princess Catherine

Found : Thailand, USA, Sri Lanka, Malawi

Birthstone of : September

Power : Wisdom & good fortune

ST 💗 : one word RAINBOW

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 Category : Silicate mineral

Colour : Striking green

Interesting Fact : Tsavorites are one of the most rare and most prized of all the garnets.

Found : Kenya & Tanzania

Birthstone of : January

Power : Prosperity & abundance

ST 💗 : Its intense green hues

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 Category : Silicate mineral

Colour : Moon sheen 

Interesting Fact : When light falls between these thin, flat layers, it scatters in many directions, producing the phenomenon called adularescence.

Found : India, Australia & Norway

Birthstone of : June

Power : Magic of the moon

ST 💗 : Her delicate and mysterious beauty add an ethereal feel to our pieces

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 Category : Silicate mineral

Colour : Velvety purple

Interesting Fact : It was once considered equal in value to ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

Found : Brazil in abundance

Birthstone of : February

Power : Prevent intoxication

ST 💗 :  Its legendary powers and the enigmatic purple colour

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Category : Oxide mineral

Colour : Space grey

Interesting Fact : Found on Mars

Found : China, Ukraine & Venezuela

Mystical Birthstone of : February

Power : Magnetic power

ST 💗 : The metallic lustre & drawn to the outer space feel of this crystal

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