We met the beautiful and impeccably stylish Sasha a couple of years ago when she visited our showroom to get her first Samantha Tea piece, and we immediately wanted to know more about the Russian beauty. Sasha embodies the Samantha Tea girl, she is feminine, stylish and has a cosmic aura which feels mysterious yet inviting. Originally from Saint Petersburg, she moved to London a few years ago and landed an exciting role at a luxury British brand. Travelling the world for work and also for pleasure, you can be part of her strong following on instagram and see her fashion, beauty tips and lifestyle diary @sasharussia.
We finally managed to photograph her in our latest pieces and to squeeze in a few fun questions! Read on to get to know our favourite cosmic girl.


1.What does jewellery means to you and what are the pieces that you can't live without? Jewellery to me is like a talisman, it is also a final (and sometimes even a first) touch of my outfit. I can’t live without my alphabet necklace with letter A on it (for my full name Aleksandra), my Cartier Clou ring and my Samantha Tea Aura earrings! 

2. Favourite Gemstone? Onyx

The "Celene" necklace, reversible featuring Onyx stone on one side and Pink Mother of Pearl on the other.

3. You have a strong instagram following, do you consider yourself an influencer? It's a strange word to associate myself with, I just like sharing my tastes, views and experiences on social media and I like interacting with people.

3. Everyday ritual? Coffee! And face self massage!

4. What’s your star sign and what’s so you about it?  Aquarius, I would say I don’t “go with the flow”! I always have a set decision in mind and to convince me otherwise, you will need to present analytics, graphs and survey results!

5. Jewellery makes you feelProtected

Find protective energy in our "Pyramide of Magic" rings.

6. What phrase would define your London life? “On the go”

7.What’s your idea of a perfect day in London?  Bath and coffee at home, stroll in Kensington Gardens, tasty lunch at Mazi in Notting Hill, drinks at our local pub Britannia and finishing that perfect day with a cozy movie night. Unless I'm in the mood to go out, then you can find me at Annabel's.

8. Favourite animal print? Leopard of course!

9. What is the most exciting part of your job? Travelling, exploring new places and cultures. I also love working in the fashion industry and meeting interesting people through my work.

10. One word to describe your style? Sophisticated

11. Most worn item in your closet? Levis 501, they are ripped in a few places but somehow look even better now!

12. What’s your beauty philosophy? Less is more

Sasha wears "Aura" earrings with Persian Turquoise and Grey Diamonds

13. Icon of any kind? My Mother

14. Can’t live without? Love

15. Piece of jewellery never taken off? My engagement ring!

16. 3 words to describe London? International, Inspiring & Busy

17. Must have? Attitude

Sasha wears the "Naila" rings with Black Diamonds, Grey Diamonds, Pink sapphires & Tsavorites

18. How do you define beauty? Happiness

19. Favourite cosmic shape? Half moon

Sasha earrings in Black diamonds, or Champagne diamonds

20. Favourite place on earth? My bathtub

21. Favourite Samantha Tea piece? By the Light of the Moon necklace!



"By the Light of the Moon" reversible necklace with Champagne Diamonds & Black Diamonds.

"Ameera" necklace with Grey Diamonds.


 Follow Sasha on instagram @sasharussia